Hsin Hao Health Materials Co., Ltd. is a pioneer massage chair manufacturer with main products massage chair, vending massage chair, spa massage chair, shiatsu massage, recliner massage chair, rhythmic ridding chair and leading OEM producer for lifestyle products and massage chairs since 1990.

Pedicure Massage Chair

We manufacture pedicure massage chair product lines specifically for the beauty salon industry. Our massage spa chair is enhanced with professional massage techniques to deliver a human-like massage experience. This pedicure massage chair comes with a convenient USB charger and a hook for personal belongings. HSIN HAO HEALTH MATERIALS CO., LTD. is a financially successful company committed to long-term growth and product development. Furthermore, we offer a nail salon massage chair series and a foot spa chair series for dealers or shop owners, as well as OEM services. If you are looking for a pedicure massage chair manufacturer in Taiwan, please contact us today.
SPA manicure chair


Pedicure SPA Chair

* Embedded controller for easy operation from sitting position.
* Convenient USB charger & hook for personal belongings.
* Ergonomic robotic back massage.
* Massage actions including kneading & tap-kneading.
* 6 main massage rollers delivering massage actions.
* 2 spine-remedy balls purporting posture correction.
* Roller width adjustment.
* Auto and manual operation.
* Electric seat moving forward/backward within 120 mm track.
* Armrest being able to lift up to 90 degrees for free movement.
* Different armrest designs & leather colors available.
* Options for manicure tray and tub, and logo stitching.
Description :

This pedicure spa chair is enhanced with professional massage techniques to deliver a human-like massage experience. Ergonomic back design can fit our back well to reduce the fatigue after a long sitting. To recline the chair back to an appropriate position can further relax your shoulders, back, and waist. With 6 massage rollers, the unique track massage mechanism can integrate with traditional massage movements of rolling, tapping, kneading, tap-kneading, and reverse tap-kneading to perform a variety of massage programs. The massage boots the client’s satisfaction while enjoying the pedicure and manicure experience. Our pedicure spa chair is your best choice. Welcome dealers or beauty shop owners to visit our online showroom and contact us for more product info.

You can choose auto or manual mode to run the massage program. Welcome dealers or beauty shop owners to visit our online showroom or contact us directly for more product information.

Specification :

Upright Position:940 x 860 x 960mm

N.W.:50 kgs
G.W.:58 kgs
MEASUREMENT:13.42 cuft

Safety/Quality Approvals :


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We have established ourselves as one of Taiwan's top producers of pedicure massage chair sets. We built our pedicure massage chair to CE standards and requirements. HSIN HAO HEALTH MATERIALS CO., LTD. is a leading OEM producer of lifestyle products and massage spa chair line equipment since 1990. We offer nail salon massage chair sets, foot spa chair sets, and foot spa chair products for the beauty salon industry. We also provide options for manicure trays and tubs, and logo stitching. If you are interested in pedicure massage chair sets, please feel free to contact with us.