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Body Spa & Shape

Whenever you want to shape your body, just apply tendon-relieve-brush and body lotion to shape body figures.

* Comfortale and elastic.
* Simple, effective and cost saving.
* Applicable to any body part, any where, any place anytime and any occasion.
* Pellet massage whole body while exercising palm.
* Ergonomic circular cone massage pellet; Effective and comfort massage in the new era.
* Applying twice a day, morning and night, shape breast and buttocks; entering new level of self-confident and elegant demeanor.
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When having neck & shoulder stiffness, mind muddled and entire body exhausted, apply body lotion on exhausted spot with tendon-relieve-brush to brush & rub until skin turns red.

Regularly applying this massage method will help stretching tendon and promote blood circulation, and well-being health care.
Stop being inferior about body figures & shape, no more unwanted fat sticking at the wrong spot, stop panic and feel helpless but ask your best pal to help, the tendon-relieve-brush !

Size:120(length) * 115 (width) * 75(height) MM
Packing:1 pcs
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