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Luxurious Rocking Massage Chair


Luxurious Rocking Massage Chair

* This luxurious rocking massage chair can automatic swing of Rocking Massage Chair that accompany user to fall asleep.
* Musical synchronicity: the strength of massage motion synchronizes with musical intensity.
* From Chinese Chiropractic Theory, foot stretch out Yoga Bridge Pose ( urdhva dhanurasana ) assists you to take care of flexibility of your foot joint or spine, and relief from pain.
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Intelli 3D massage chair is an index product amongst home series other than our range of spa and vending massage chair. Intelli 3D delivers true shiatsu massage; it checks muscles, set stroke length, curve track and forward movement for 3 dimensional movements and intensities.

Automatic swing program makes the chair like a rocking chair accompany you to fall asleep. You can also use an independent control board to play the MP3 music you like, through the build-in double-sided stereo. The strength of massage motion synchronizes with musical intensity makes the simulated hand shiatsu massage technology more realistic than other brads’. People who care about joint or spine health can not miss the Yoga Bridge Pose. From Chinese Chiropractic Theory, foot stretch out Yoga Bridge Pose (urdhva dhanurasana) can assist you to take care of flexibility of your foot joint or spine, and relief from pain.

Such an innovative product like special designed for you. What are you waiting? Try it now!

Luxurious Rocking Massage Chair has all functions that our 3D massage chairs have; besides, it also has below functions:

* Total 11 built-in automatic massage program; including 7 automatic 3D massage programs, 4 automatic functional programs as below:

# Vitality program: blood circulation stimulator works with full body massage to bring you vitality.
# Revive program: rocking massage chair function swing slowly to accompany user falling asleep.
# Relax program: soft massage motions help to relax your back & full day tension. Best massage chair when watching TV, reading, or play smart phone….
# Stretch program: back & foot moving down pose to stretch out to Yoga Bridge Pose (please using under Inversion 190-degree setting) every one minute. Independent foot stretch out controller.
* Build-in double-sided stereo: independent controller board for you to play the MP3 music you like.

* Ergonomic S back and S track robotic back massage.
* 2 way reclining posture for ultimate back massage:
# Zero-gravity posture.
# Inversion 190-degree.
* Blood circulation stimulator.
* Spinal cord surveillance system.
* Stroke length sensing device.
* 6 massage balls deliver massage actions (may add to 10).
* 4 Spine-remedy rollers purporting posture correction.
* Massage actions include: 3D massage, rolling, tapping, kneading, tap-kneading, counter-kneading, S-motion, counter-S-motion.
* Adjustable 6 different strength of massage actions.
* Adjustable 6 different rolling speeds.
* Adjustable 24 different 3D massage balls area adjustment.
* Rollers relocation adjustment to choose special massage points.
* Auto, semi-auto, manual operation.
* Full body air bags massage including full air bags hand massage..
* Calf kneading and sole rolling massage.
* IIndependent electric lifting and extendable footrest.
* Safety massage timer setting up to 30 minute.
* Awaken timer: up to 99 minute.
* May add heating device.
Chair Back
N.W.:37.26 kgs

Chair Seat
N.W.:48 kgs
G.W.:60.30 kgs
MEASUREMENT:17.18 cuft

N.W.:17 kgs
G.W.:22 kgs
MEASUREMENT:10.20 cuft
Safety/Quality Approvals
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