Hsin Hao is dedicated to produce tailored products and services that are in need and easy to use, we believe in progress, growth, possibility, understanding customer lifestyles and their business to establishing long-term relationship through combination of enhanced services, strong marketing support, cost efficiency.
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Pedicure & Manicure Chairs
* Embedded control panel for easy operation from sitting position.
* Pedicure & manicure ch ...


Pedicure & Manicure Chairs
* Embedded controller for easy operation from sitting position.
*Pedicure & manicure chair ...


Pedicure SPA Chair
* Embedded controller for easy operation from sitting position.
* Convenient USB charger & ...


Pedicure SPA Chair
* Convenient USB charger & hook for personal belongings.
* Ergonomic robotic back massage. ...


Pedicure & Manicure Chairs
* Movable seat forward and backward within 100 mm of track.
* Swiveling seat for reverse re ...


Pedicure Spa Massage Chairs
* Ergonomic S-back and S-track robotic back massage.
* Massage actions including kneading & ...


Lift massage chair
* Ergonomic S back and S track robotic back massage.
* 1 way reclining posture for ultimate ...


Lift Massage Sofa
* Sit down/get up without effort; a good helper for the elderly & long-term care 2.0 plan.


Lift massage chair
* Lift massage chair provides the function of vibration devices in seat, back, and calf..


Manicure Lifting Chair
* Sit down/stand up with less effort: A good helper for the elderly & long-term care.
* Lif ...


Luxurious Rocking Massage Chair
* This luxurious rocking massage chair can automatic swing of Rocking Massage Chair that a ...


Ultra 3D With-Hand Massage Chair
Newest innovation of Ultra 3D with-hand massage chair in Hsin Hao! The armreses are designed to move automatically while reclining to match the most comfortable massage position.