Lift Chair
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Lift massage chair

* Ergonomic S back and S track robotic back massage.
* 1 way reclining posture for ultimate back massage.
* 4 Spine-remedy rollers purporting posture correction.
* Lift massage chair provides auto, semi-auto and manual operation.
* Massage action includes tapping, kneading, rolling, reverse-kneading, tap-kneading and reverse tap-kneading.
* Tapping and kneading independent command.
* Adjustable rolling speed.
* Rollers relocation adjustment.
* Awaken timer.
* Storage pocket for remote control.
* Sole rolling massage.
* Lift function could be used when stop using the massage action and reclining function.
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Lift chairs are designed to assist people to a standing position from a sitting position.

It is including the seat lifts serve the same purpose; they easily lift the individual from a seated position to standing within seconds. It is great for people who have back, knee, leg, hip, and/or feet problem.

Lift chairs not only aid in lifting the individual from the sitting position to the standing position, but they also serve as recliners. These comfortable chairs recline to different positions enabling the user to sit up, recline slightly, recline fully, and even lay down flat for resting or sleeping.

This is with vast position, which can recline to a nearly flat position as well as every position in-between.

The lift massage chair is not only a chair, but also a shiatsu massage action on the back rest. The customer can adjust the reclining angle and massage action by the buttons on the control. With our vast selection, you can extend your legs and be very comfortable.

Lift chairs are a great addition to any living room so that the individual can take a mid-afternoon nap and they can stand up out of the chair without straining themselves or getting help from anyone.
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