Pedicure Spa Massage Chairs
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spa massage chair


Pedicure Spa Massage Chairs

* Ergonomic S-back and S-track robotic back massage.
* Massage actions including kneading & tap-kneading.
* 6 main massage rollers delivering massage actions.
* 2 spine-remedy balls purporting posture correction.
* Roller width adjustment.
* Pedicure spa massage chair provides auto and manual operation.
* Electric seat moving forward / backward within 120 mm track.
* Armrest being able to lift up to 90 degrees for free movement.
* Different armrest designs & leather colors available.
* Options for manicure tray and tub, and logo stitching.
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Hsin Hao Health Materials Co., Ltd., a leading Pedicure Spa Massage Chairs manufacturer, provides a variety of Pedicure Spa Massage Chairs of different purposes. Products include massage chair, vending massage chair, Pedicure Spa Massage Chairs, shiatsu massage and recliner massage chair. Hsin Hao Health provides top spa massage chair.

Specialized with 2 spine-remedy rollers and rollers relocation adjustment, Hsin Hao's Spa Massage Chair consisted of optional vibrating seat pad and optional air system, gives users well preference and good sense to enjoy the massage moment, offering users good performance as they use this Pedicure Spa Massage Chairs.

This spa massage chair is well-designed to present various massage action mold, kneading, rolling, tapping, and tap-kneading included. With our spa massage chair, you can enjoy fully massage remedy at home as well as at spa salon.

What else for this great Pedicure Spa Massage Chairs ? For setting more convenient uses, Hsin Hao sets this Pedicure Spa Massage Chairs with soft armrest that can be lifted to 90 degree, which means the Pedicure Spa Massage Chairs is suitable to fit any user's movement. With upright position of 940*860*960 mm, Hsin Hao's Pedicure Spa Massage Chairs is made for everyone, from kids, adults to the elderly. The optional pedicure stool is also a typical and wonderful device to treat its users well.

Wondering of where to purchase this nice Pedicure Spa Massage Chairs? Just contact Hsin Hao by phone/e-mail/fax as soon as possible, you'll gain the sincerest & latest information about this top Pedicure Spa Massage Chairs. Let Hsin Hao serve for you by its well-prepared staff to present you the utmost Pedicure Spa Massage Chairs that you've never experienced.

Upright Position:940 x 860 x 960mm
N.W.:50 kgs
G.W.:58 kgs
MEASUREMENT:13.42 cuft
Safety/Quality Approvals
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