Massage Chair
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3D massage chair


Ultra 3D With-Hand Massage Chair

* Full Air bags hand massage.
* Ergonomic S back and S track robotic back massage.
* 2 way reclining posture for ultimate back massage:
# Zero-gravity posture.
# Inversion 190-degree.
* Spinal cord surveillance system for true comfort health massage.
* Stroke length sensing device.
* 4 massage balls deliver massage actions.
* 4 Spine-remedy rollers purporting posture correction.
* Auto, semi-auto, manual operation.
* Massage action includes 3D massage, tapping, kneading, rolling, tap-kneading.
* Tapping and kneading independent command.
* Adjustable rolling speed.
* Rollers relocation adjustment.
* Ultra 3D with-hand massage chair have awaken timer.
* Storage pocket for remote control.
* Calf kneading and sole rolling massage.
* Independent electric lifting and extendable footrest.
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Newest innovation of Ultra 3D with-hand massage chair in Hsin Hao! The armreses are designed to move automatically while reclining to match the most comfortable massage position.

3D with-hand massage chair is most complexion massage chair in Hsin Hao. Seven (7) characteristic massage actions collocate with lot of massage air bag in different position, creates the extremely massage experience. Insist on the 100% products quality control policy, Hsin Hao completes every chair with care and designs high-functional and high-efficient massage chair to benefit everyone around the world. What makes us keep going to improve our products is your trust and confidence (support).

This chair apply weight sensing technology and not other means such as infra red to read the outline of your back, we believe it is not possible to find 2 persons with same shape of spinal cord and same kind of muscle, the fact that everyone has different work nature and level of exercise.

Ultra 3D with-hand massage chair inherits its predecessor's S back and S track robotic massage, allowing you to recline in Zero Gravity Posture or at Inversion 190 Degree Posture to fully relieve pressure on spinal's disc after a day's load.

Not many massage chairs are like us that massage to the hip of the user, but our chair does not stop at the hip. Our calf and sole massage unit rolls and knead to stimulate your acu-point and to improve lymph drainage system; this unit can be fitted with additional or replace with air-pressure system in cases of soft touch preference.

Chair Back
N.W.:32.5 kgs
G.W.:40.5 kgs

Chair Seat
N.W.:52 kgs
G.W.:59 kgs
MEASUREMENT:17.18 cuft

N.W.:18 kgs
G.W.:21.35 kgs
Safety/Quality Approvals