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Massage Seat Cushion Supplier

HSIN HAO HEALTH MATERIALS CO., LTD. is a technology company focused on the development and distribution of massage seat cushion. With a competitive approach, our workforce strives to meet the expectations of our clients and offer them the desired end results. Our strict inspections and testing have ensured that all our massage seat cushion achieve a high level of performance even in harsh conditions. Our team is the innate strength of our organization. Welcome to contact with us if you are looking for highly efficient massage seat cushion.



* Adjust posture for relieving the pressure after long period of sitting.
* Cover the hips from the back to the bottom which can keep the good shape.
* Tilt the hips to make your spine upright, comfort the back pain.
* Ergonomic design, reduce the fatigue while sitting.
* Soft padding covering for comfortable sitting experience.
* Portable & light weight can be placed in everywhere to sit.
* Waterproof, easy to clean and do maintenance.
* Available for all ages.
Description :

Ergonomic design Seatmate supports our lower back from hips to waist while sitting, tilting up the spine and rectifying incorrect sitting posture.
Effectively release back pain when you sitting for a long time no matter at office or home.

Specification :

Q' TY : 6 PCS
N.W : 3.75 KGS.
G.W : 4.32 KGS.
MEAS. : 1.56 CUFT

Safety/Quality Approvals :


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