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Vending Massage Chair

Spa Massage Chair

Luxurious Rocking Massage Chair


Beauty Vending Massage Chair

* 6 massage balls deliver massage actions.
* 4 Spine-remedy rollers purporting posture correction.
* Easy operation: User friendly setting for the massage time per session.
* Armrest fitted with display windows showing current remaining massage time.
* Coin / Bill identification, timer & beeper system.
* Coin / Bill to feed and volume of warning voice for non paying patron.
* Coin acceptability: Accepting any kind of coin or token circulating globally.
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HO108 Multi-Postures Stretch Pad

Multi-Postures stretch Pad is produced with multi-purpose structure on both side.

An excellent back-support when sitting on chair, perfect foot rest and footboard tostretch muscles.
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Lift Chair (Long-term care Zone)

Lift chair, base on the design of the leisure chair in our living room, could be a part of decoration in the house. Not being awkward to put a soft lift chair at home.
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