Hsin Hao Health Materials Co., Ltd. is a pioneer massage chair manufacturer with main products massage chair, vending massage chair, spa massage chair, shiatsu massage, recliner massage chair, rhythmic ridding chair and leading OEM producer for lifestyle products and massage chairs since 1990, exporting various type of personal and commercial shiatsu massage chairs. Our massage chairs may be broadly categorized as home model recliner massage chair, commercial spa massage chair and vending massage chair.

Every piece of our products are 100% QC inspected, prior to leaving factory, our technical team members monitor and innovate product, listen and always ready to render backup to customers; strive to exceed their expectations and request with affordability, quality and on-time delivery.

* Compact Size Taking up Less Space
* L-Shaped Track Design Seated with Ease & Comfort
* New Sense of Massage from Shoulders to Back, Waist & Hips
* 4 Massage Movements: Kneading/Tapping/Rolling/Tap-Kneading
* Interval Massage Design between Shoulders/Back/Waist
* User-Friendly Design of Operation: Simple & Easy
* Stylish & Geometric Design

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HO108 Multi-Postures Stretch Pad

Multi-Postures stretch Pad is produced with multi-purpose structure on both side.

An excellent back-support when sitting on chair, perfect foot rest and footboard tostretch muscles.

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Lift chair, base on the design of the leisure chair in our living room, could be a part of decoration in the house. Not being awkward to put a soft lift chair at home.

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